Warrior Princess…. Abigail

abigail - textWell Abigail wasn’t a warrior princess, but she was certainly a hero saving many lives with her bold, insightful action.  In 1 Sam. 25 we see she could read a situation, act with authority, and take responsibility.
She knew when a situation called for immediate action, but she measured her response. In fact, unlike hot-headed David and arrogant Nabal, she was in command of herself the whole time. That’s partly what made her an able leader.  It’s also what enabled her to offer herself fully to serve the best outcome.  If we feel forced into a corner or submit out of panic, then we are not really serving effectively.  The effective servant chooses to serve.
From this position she confidently guided David through the mess he was about to make and out to safety.
All of us find ourselves in positions of leadership from time to time – whether with our children, our work, with friends or strangers.  Look up 1 Samuel 25 and read the story.  What can you learn from Abigail?