stuartOur Main Sunday Service is at 10.30am, with Trinity Kids, Youth Church, and Creche.  Both front and side doors are always open, offering completely step-free access.

This is what people have said about services at Holy Trinity:
“…  a relaxed, diverse and compassionate service that engages everyone from children to young people as well as parents and community elders.” (Josh)

“Everyone is so approachable, the atmosphere is relaxing, the service makes me feel complete and I come away with all sorts of things to think about.” (Natalie)

“As someone interested in politics and current issues, I appreciate the way the sermons are earthed and the Bible connected with everyday life.” (Graham)

“It’s a place for all ages, and it means so much that the kids are involved up front, reading and helping lead the service.” (Gifty)

“… A safe place where I could both be relaxed and contribute.” (Jenny)

All Age Worship All Age Worship takes place on the First Sunday of each month. There are games, memory verses, interviews, art/craft as well as songs, prayers, a talk, and so on. We always have a singe theme holding the service together, and so our main learning is drip-fed throughout. Stay engaged, and you’ll get the point!

Watch this video to understand more of our philosophy of All Age Worship.
First Sunday (Evening Service) We also have an Evening Service on First Sunday of the month at 6.30, except Easter, Harvest and New Year.  These follow a pattern throughout the year of:   Noisy – Quiet – Teaching – Healing.