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The Least of These

17th May
David seriesThe story of how God chooses David as king over Israel is filled with important insights.  Look at Eliab, David’s eldest brother, with all his attributes: tall, handsome and strong; yet Samuel was led to choose David, the youngest and least regarded among his siblings.
We tend to give precedence to outward appearances, rank, affluence, anything vain or indeed whatever is easy on the eyes.  We turn our nose up at people we deem inferior to us. God, however, looks beyond that. He looks for a good heart, character and attributes that engender the fear of Him, respect, humility, care, peace, love and unity among his people.
Is there a situation that you are considering at the moment?  A judgement you have to make or a decision you have to take?  What factors are influencing you?  Are you also listening, as Samuel was, to the Spirit of God?