Love lavished

Sunday 19th April
God’s love is a great love, it is unconditional, it is incomparable, it is an unending love. He loves you passionately, he loves you more than you can imagine, he loves you more than you can understand and he loves you  more than anyone can love you in this entire world and more than you can love yourself;  it is a love not based on your performance, your talent, your success but on who God is – and God IS love…

According to 1 John 3:1-3 God has lavished his love on us by becoming our Father. There were so many great old testament saints who walked so closely with God but none of them get to call God ‘our Father’ and it’s a New Testament blessing that we begin to call God ‘our Father’ or even Daddy… God can be the best perfect Father/Dad that you have ever longed for.  Would you run to his wide open arms crying out Daddy?