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Sunday 29th March

God's home

3 things the TARDIS teaches us about being God’s home.  

1. The TARDIS has free will. God has given us freedom and trusts us.  When Jesus first came down, God asked Mary to carry him, literally. He put his complete faith in an ordinary, fragile human girl. God asks the same of us. Carry me, he says, to the dark places, to the weary ones, to the lonely and sad, to the sick and in prison. I am in you so let me shine out from you.

2. When the Doctor left his planet, Gallifrey,  he chose an old, decommissioned, unreliable, obsolete Mark 1 TARDIS. Do I feel a bit that way? Unreliable, past my best, a bit broken? The Doctor chose his TARDIS and he loves it. God has chosen you. And me. He loves us so much. He wouldn’t have us any other way. And he is fixing us up, repairing us, coaxing us along.

3. It’s bigger on the inside. And so are we! We have the Holy Spirit, God Almighty, creator of the universe living inside us, empowering us with his love, his joy, his wisdom, his grace. So rejoice in that when you feel small and weak!

Worship Means….

Sunday 15th March

roger at men's breakfast
Rev. Roger Revell speaking at our men’s breakfast

To truly and fully recognize God is to flush with affection and praise.  It’s to burn with a zeal to magnify his name, with little thought of your own decreased significance by comparison; to enjoy and relish God’s own majesty and beauty;  to bask in the presence of the King  himself.

The type of glorification that God deserves is not just being thankful for the values, features, and objectives of his kingdom!  Glorifying God rightly can’t be reduced to being “on board” with God’s redemptive program!  It means more than just agreeing with the values of his Kingdom, or affirming the key ideas of his reign, or approving the goals of his redemptive work!  Its about adoring and marvelling in the one who is the source of those policies and values.

No Condemnation

Sunday 8th March
An End to ShameThe good news of the gospel is that when Jesus died on the cross, God the Son was sucking into his condemned body all the sin of all people across all places and through all time.  He took it to the place that was furthest from God, and then rose again without it to live in union with God. Your sin is forgiven!   Your shame is gone!   You have a new chance to stand up, stand tall, stand forgiven and stand free!

God will send a strong message

Sunday 1st March
“At times God will send us a strong sense of his presence, a desire to be with him, the ability to withstand temptations with ease. But he never allows this state of affairs to lost long. Sooner or later He withdraws, if not in fact, at least from their conscious experience, all those supports and incentives. He leaves the creature to stand up on its own legs—to carry out from the will alone duties which have lost all relish. It is during such trough periods, much more than during the peak periods, that it is growing into the sort of creature He wants it to be” C.S. Lewis