Holy Trinity and Saint Matthias Church

Great Things Happen At Christmas!

Great Things Happen At Christmas


Christmas is a fantastic time to come to church – whether you are a regular member or have never been in your life.  These are our main services, but there’s plenty more going on as well, so do find something you like the look of and come along.


Work In Progress

Vicar's Vision 2014

That’s what this website is – and also what our church is. In fact each person in the world is a work in progress, and that’s why the church is not only a holder of tradition but a crucible for change.

Here at Holy Trinity we say “Our Aim is to be Channels of God’s Transforming Love” (see “Our Vision“).  You can read something of what our vision means in practice by downloading annual report 2013.

Change begins with God, who provides that wonderful safe place and welcomes us into it.  When we meet with Jesus we meet with God’s Word and have a fresh chance to live with renewed joy under his mercy.

Yet no-one can be a Christian alone. We need each other and we have a calling to serve God together. So if you’re trying to live a Christian life, or if you used to go to a church somewhere, or if you simply think there must be more to life than what you’re currently experiencing, come and check out Holy Trinity.


I’ve been vicar here since November 2009, and I love it! The very first day I came just to look around, I could sense the presence of Jesus and my heart began to fill with joy.  I found people who were eager for change, hungry for reality, believing in possibility, and wanting to make a difference.

I hope that will be your experience too.

Richard Dormandy (Vicar)

More information about Richard can be found here.

You can listen to one of Richard’s songs here.