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Restart@Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity is hosting a Restartparty from 2 to 5pm in church on Sat 18th October.

Restartpartys bring together volunteer repairers with people with electrical and electonic gadgets in need of fixing, they then repair them together. It is good for everyone and the environment, less thrown away electronics, lew new electronics manufactured and everyone learns new skills.

Trinity Tots

Trinity Tots meet every Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-12(noon) in the  undercroft.

Please note that attendance can be made at 1 session only, either Wednesday or Thursday not both.

See Yetunde or Jacky for more information.

Alpha @ Holy Trinity

alpha logoOur next Alpha Course starts on in Autumn 2015.

We run a six week Alpha Course at Holy Trinity, covering many crucial questions of the Christian faith.

Who is Jesus?  Why did Jesus die on the Cross?  Did Jesus rise from the Dead?  Can I trust the Bible?  How should I pray?  and Why do bad things happen to good people?

a few weeks after our six week course, we come back together for a reunion evening, when we explore what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Typical comments on the course include:

“totally transformative”

“underpinned my faith”

“I feel much better grounded in what I believe”

Each evening begins at 7pm with gathering and nibbles, followed by a meal together, a talk, and small groups for discussion.

If you’ve got questions about Christianity or want to find out more, come along to Alpha.