Imagine Supported Schools

What is your image of an ideal school?  Happy children?  Learning children?  Children having fun?

These are things all schools strive for.  But sometimes children struggle.  They may have little support at home; they can fall behind;  some don’t speak English when they first come to school. These are all things that can discourage children in the early years.

At Holy Trinity we support local schools though being involved as Governors, through taking assemblies and running musical projects, through welcoming school visits to church, and through our Imagine Family project.

Imagine Family work with volunteers in local schools offering reading support, language learning, drama, and on occasion, parental support. We aim to help teachers under pressure as well as children.

We have also set up Junior Savers’ schemes in some local schools, helping children and parents realise the value of putting a little aside every week and taking a long-term view.

Some projects initiated by Imagine Family, such as gardening for a local resident, have also involved school children, and so new links are made between the school and wider community – though Imagine Family and the children involved.  Many of these children have no access at home to outside space and love learning about nature.

One of many things a volunteer can offer is time. For a child, time spent with a caring adult is so important.

If you would like to volunteer to help in a school, contact Imagine Family and we will get in touch.


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